Wednesday, April 1, 2015

If you want a change....change your hair!

Okay so it's no secret some celebs change their hair color what seems like every day. Others change their hair cut or sometimes add extensions. For us "normal" people we don't have the money to spend on these sorts of things and if we do like "normal"people our hair can definitely suffer the consequences of such frequent/drastic changes.

Let's take for instance the lovely and very over talked about Kim K. One day she was platinum blonde (which I'd have to say was not a good look for her) and the next day she was back to brown. Now I think it's safe to say even though some assume it had to be a wig others believe she dyed her hair either way I'm pretty sure it wasn't some $50 wig from a hair boutique.

Other celebs have actually fessed up to having caused hair loss due to the constant dying. For example Ariana Grande. She has admitted that because of the constant dying red of her hair she dealt with thinning hair and committed to extensions and the high pony that has become kind of like her brand.

Now she may be able to spend limitless money on these sorts of things but for us when we damage our hair our hands can be tied in the choices we have at that point.

For some they could be lucky enough to just need a fresh cut and let their hair rest while for others, well if they were to cut their hair they'd be praying every night for it grow back. Luckily for those folks, with the technological advances of today this doesn't have to be the end all be all for their hair.

With products like Rogaine, Keranique and countless vitamins like Hairfinity, along with procedures like hair transplants from companies like Bosley their are cost effective options for "normal" people to fight the battle of hair loss whether we cause it ourselves or have no choice in the matter.

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