Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Celebrity Doppelganger!

It's crazy when we see familiar faces in the street and then they end up to be somebody different! The experience gives us all a good laugh at the end of the day! Here are the photos of strangers who can be a doppelganger of our favorite celebrities!

President Barack Obama In The Train
                                                     (Photo Source:
How amazing it would be to see the President taking the train! Unfortunately, he's just  a regular commuter who looks like Barack Obama!

Bruce Willis Taking The Bus
                                                       (Photo Source:
Hey may look like the Armagedon star but if you'll look closely you'll see a younger version of Bruce Willis. 

Ryan Gosling In The Flesh
                                                      (Photo Source:
Before you start drooling! That man wearing a headset is not Ryan Gosling! Hard to know at first look right?

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